Babes in Arms

Release Date:
Oct 13, 1939
Running Time:
Busby Berkeley
Mickey Rooney Michael C. 'Mickey' Moran
Judy Garland Patsy Barton
Charles Winninger Joe Moran
Guy Kibbee Judge John Black
June Preisser Rosalie Essex
Grace Hayes Florrie Moran
Betty Jaynes Molly Moran
Douglas McPhail Don Brice
Rand Brooks Jeff Steele
Leni Lynn Dody Martin
Johnny Sheffield Bobs
Henry Hull Maddox
Barnett Parker William Bartlett
Ann Shoemaker Mrs. Barton
Margaret Hamilton Martha Steele
Joseph Crehan Mr. Essex
George McKay Brice
Henry Roquemore Shaw
Lelah Tyler Mrs. Brice
Lon McCallister Boy (uncredited)
Arthur Freed
Jack McGowan, Kay Van Riper, Anita Loos, Richard Rodgers, Annalee Whitmore

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Babes in Arms

Mickey Moran and Patsy Barton are aspiring entertainers and the children of vaudeville performers. Vaudeville is losing its popularity due to the success of the movie business, and Mickey and Patsy's parents are struggling to revitalize its popularity. After deciding to produce their own show in a bid to reach their dreams of stage stardom, the young couple runs into problems, including Mickey's jealous girlfriend and the threat of being sent to a work camp.

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