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An American Dream

Release Date:
Aug 31, 1966
Running Time:
Robert Gist
Stuart Whitman Stephen Rojack
Janet Leigh Cherry McMahon
Eleanor Parker Deborah Rojack
Barry Sullivan Lieutenant Roberts
Lloyd Nolan Barney Kelly
Murray Hamilton Arthur Kabot
J.D. Cannon Sergeant Leznicki
Susan Denberg Ruta
Les Crane Nicky
Warren Stevens Johnny Dell
Joe De Santis Eddie Ganucci
Stacy Harris O'Brien
Paul Mantee Shago Martin
Harold Gould Ganucci's Attorney
George Takei Attorney Ord Long
Kelly Jean Peters Freya
William Conrad
Mann Rubin

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An American Dream

Stephen Rojack is a decorated war vet who has now found success as an outspoken television personality. During a vicious argument with his wife, Deborah, Stephen snaps and pushes her from his high-rise apartment to her death. He manages to convince the authorities that she killed herself, then reignites an old affair with singer Cherry McMahon -- which doesn't sit well with her jealous mobster boyfriend, Nicky .

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