Always in My Heart

Release Date:
Mar 14, 1942
Running Time:
Jo Graham
Kay Francis Marjorie ''Mudge'' Scott
Walter Huston MacKenzie ''Mac'' Scott
Gloria Warren Victoria ''Vickie'' Scott
Patty Hale Booley
Frankie Thomas Martin ''Marty'' Scott
Una O'Connor Angie
Sidney Blackmer Philip Ames
Armida Lolita
Frank Puglia Joe Borelli
Russell Arms Red
Anthony Caruso Frank
Elvira Curci Rosita Borelli
John Hamilton Warden
Harry Lewis Steve
Herbert Gunn Dick
Walter MacEwan , William Jacobs

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Always in My Heart

Interior decorator Marjorie Scott, who has supported her grown children, Marty and Vicky, since their youth, receives a proposal from a wealthy man. Unknown to Marty and Vicky, their father, MacKenzie, is not dead, but serving time in prison for a crime he didn't commit. When Marjorie visits Mac, he urges her to accept the proposal but doesn't reveal that he has been paroled. Upon his release, Mac can't resist seeing his children but hides his true identity.

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