Along Came Jones

Release Date:
Jul 19, 1945
Running Time:
Stuart Heisler
Gary Cooper Melody Jones
Loretta Young Cherry de Longpre
William Demarest George Fury
Dan Duryea Monte Jarrad
Frank Sully Avery de Longpre
Russell Simpson Pop de Longpre
Arthur Loft Sheriff
Willard Robertson Luke Packard
Don Costello Leo Gledhill
Ray Teal Kriendler
Walter Sande Ira Waggoner
Lane Chandler Boone
Frank Cordell Stagecoach Guard
Gary Cooper , William Goetz
Nunnally Johnson

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Along Came Jones

Melody Jones is a laid-back cowboy who gets lost on the trail and ends up in the small town of Payneville. Seeing the initials ``MJ'' on his saddle, the people of Payneville mistake Jones for the treacherous bandit Monte Jarrad, and they nearly kill him before he is rescued by Cherry de Longpre . Grateful for her help, Jones falls for de Cherry, not knowing that she is Jarrad's girl and that she plans on using him to help Jarrad elude capture.

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