All This and Heaven Too

Release Date:
Jul 13, 1940
Running Time:
Anatole Litvak
Bette Davis Henriette Deluzy-Desportes
Charles Boyer Duc de Praslin
Barbara O'Neil Duchesse de Praslin
Jeffrey Lynn Henry Martyn Field
Virginia Weidler Louise
Walter Hampden Pasquier
Harry Davenport Pierre
Fritz Leiber Abbe Gallard
Montagu Love Marechal Sebastiani
George Coulouris Charpentier
Ann Todd Berthe
Richard Nichols Reynald
Henry Daniell Broussais
Ian Keith DeLangle
June Lockhart Isabelle
Madge Terry
Christian Rub Loti
Frank Reicher Police Official
Victor Kilian
Edward Fielding Dr. Louis
Egon Brecher Doctor
Ann Gillis Emily Schuyler
Mary Anderson Rebecca Jay
Peggy Stewart Helen Lexington
Creighton Hale Ship's Officer
Mary Forbes Lady at the Theatre
Hal B. Wallis

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All This and Heaven Too

Henriette Deluzy-Desportes serves as the governess to the children of the Duc de Praslin and his wife, the duchess . While both the Duc de Praslin and his children adore Henriette, the duchess despises her, and is suspicious of the bond she has formed with her family. As the duchess's behavior toward Henriette grows more and more irrational, it puts into play tragic events that will change all their lives forever.

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