El Amor a los 15 Años

Release Date:
Nov 3, 1995
Running Time:
Bo Widerberg
Johan Widerberg Stig
Marika Lagercrantz Viola
Tomas von Brömssen Kjell
Karin Huldt Lisbet
Nina Gunke Stig's Mother
Björn Kjellman Sigge
Kenneth Milldoff Stig's Father
Frida Lindholm Olga
Sigge Cederlund Biografmaskinisten
George Bisset
Gosta Ekstrand
Hilda Suovanen
Per Olov Borjeson
Jörgen Svensson
Monica Stenbeck Gymnastiklärarinnan
Nynne Schwartz
Per Holst
Bo Widerberg

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El Amor a los 15 Años

Stig is 15 years old and lives in neutral Sweden while the rest of the world is swept up in World War II. Like many other boys in his school, he's in love with biology teacher Viola, but, unlike other boys, he secretly starts seeing her. Viola confesses to Stig that he provides her with much-needed comfort since her marriage to Kjell, a drunk, is falling apart. Their relationship grows complicated when Kjell discovers their affair.

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