All the President's Men

Release Date:
Jan 1, 1976
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Alan J. Pakula
Robert Redford Bob Woodward
Dustin Hoffman Carl Bernstein
Jack Warden Harry M. Rosenfeld
Martin Balsam Howard Simons
Hal Holbrook Deep Throat
Jason Robards Ben Bradlee
Jane Alexander Bookkeeper
Meredith Baxter Debbie Sloan
Ned Beatty Dardis
Stephen Collins Hugh W. Sloan Jr.
Penny Fuller Sally Aiken
John McMartin Foreign Editor
Robert Walden Donald Segretti
Frank Wills Frank Wills
F. Murray Abraham Sergeant Leeper, arresting Officer #1
David Arkin Bachinski
Henry Calvert Bernard L. Barker
Dominic Chianese Eugenio R. Martinez
Bryan E. Clark Arguing Attorney
Nicolas Coster Markham
Walter Coblenz
William Goldman

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All the President's Men

Two green reporters and rivals working for the Washington Post, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, research the botched 1972 burglary of the Democratic Party Headquarters at the Watergate apartment complex. With the help of a mysterious source, code-named Deep Throat, the two reporters make a connection between the burglars and a White House staffer. Despite dire warnings about their safety, the duo follows the money all the way to the top.

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