All the Brothers Were Valiant

Release Date:
Nov 13, 1953
Running Time:
Richard Thorpe
Robert Taylor Joel Shore
Stewart Granger Mark Shore
Ann Blyth Priscilla ''Pris'' Holt
Betta St. John Native Girl
Keenan Wynn Silva
James Whitmore Fetcher
Kurt Kaszner Quint
Lewis Stone Captain Holt
Robert Burton Asa Worthen
Peter Whitney James Finch
John Lupton Dick Morrell
Jonathan Cott Carter
Mitchell Lewis Cook
James Bell Aaron Burnham
Leo Gordon Peter How
Michael Pate Varde
Clancy Cooper Smith
Frank deKova Stevenson
Henry Rowland Jones
Pandro S. Berman

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All the Brothers Were Valiant

Sailor Joel Shore goes looking for his whale hunter brother, Mark, who is lost during a disastrous mission at sea. Joel and his wife, Priscilla, eventually catch up with Mark on a tropical island -- but, to their surprise, misfortune and tragedy have transformed him into a troubled, desperate man. Before long, Mark begins to pursue a romantic relationship with Priscilla, leading to vicious sibling rivalry and a violent mutiny.

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