All I Want for Christmas

Release Date:
Nov 8, 1991
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Robert Lieberman
Ethan Randall Ethan O'Fallon
Thora Birch Hallie O'Fallon
Harley Jane Kozak Catherine O'Fallon
Jamey Sheridan Michael O'Fallon
Lauren Bacall Lillian Brooks
Kevin Nealon Tony Boer
Leslie Nielsen Santa
Andrea Martin Olivia
Alan Brooks Mr. Chase
Renee Taylor Sylvia
Amy Oberer Stephanie
Elizabeth Cherney Paige
Otto Coelho Bruiser
Joe Costanza Burly 2
J. Teddy Davis Santa's Helper
Tracy Diane Girl in Line
Joey Gaynor Shep
Frank Girardeau Burly 1
Michael Alaimo Frankie
Darrell Kunitomi Salesdervish 3
Patrick LaBrecque Marshall
Felicity LaFortune Susan
Phil Leeds Mr. Feld
Neal Lerner Caterer
Harriet Medin Mrs. Graff
Joanne Baron Salesdervish 2
Vicky Herman , Marykay Powell , Stan Rogow
Thom Eberhardt, Richard Kramer

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All I Want for Christmas

Ethan and Hallie O'Fallon are two siblings who wish that their divorced mom, Catherine would reunite with their dad, Michael . As Christmas approaches, the kids manage to lock their mother's fiancé, Tony, in an ice cream truck and have him whisked off to New Jersey, all in an attempt to make their mom believe that she's been stood up. The ploy works, and ex-husband Michael is waiting in the wings.

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