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All Dogs Go to Heaven

An All Dogs Christmas Carol
Release Date:
Nov 17, 1989
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Don Bluth, Gary Goldman, Dan Kuenster
Dom DeLuise Itchy Itchiford
Burt Reynolds Charlie B. Barkin
Daryl Gilley Dog Caster
Candy Devine Vera
Charles Nelson Reilly Killer
Vic Tayback Carface
Melba Moore Whippet Angel (Annabelle)
Judith Barsi Anne-Marie
Rob Fuller Harold
Earleen Carey Kate
Anna Manahan Stella Dallas
Nigel Pegram Sir Reginald
Loni Anderson Flo
Ken Page King Gator
Godfrey Quigley Terrier
Don Bluth , Gary Goldman , John Pomeroy
Don Bluth, Ken Cromar, Gary Goldman, Larry Leker, Linda Miller, Monica Parker, John Pomeroy, Guy Shulman, David Steinberg, David N. Weiss

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All Dogs Go to Heaven

In this animated feature, canine casino owner Charlie is killed by gambler Carface, but returns to Earth from heaven thanks to the powers of a magical, rewindable watch. Charlie sets out to take his revenge on Carface by means of an elaborate plan that involves an orphan girl, Anne-Marie. But as the plan progresses, Charlie discovers that Anne-Marie is being exploited by Carface. Charlie must decide whether to change his mission from one of revenge to one of rescue.

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