All Dogs Go to Heaven 2

Release Date:
Mar 29, 1996
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Larry Leker, Paul Sabella
Ernest Borgnine Carface
Bebe Neuwirth Anabelle
Charlie Sheen Charlie
Hamilton Camp Chihuahua
Steve Mackall Short Customs Dog
Dan Castellaneta Tall Customs Dog
Dom DeLuise Itchy Itchiford
Tony Jay Reginald
Jim Cummings Jingles
Wallace Shawn Labrador
Sheena Easton Sasha La Fleur
George Hearn Red
Adam Wylie David
Kevin Michael Richardson St. Bernard
Pat Corley Officer McDowell
Paul Sabella
Mark Young, Kelly Ward, Arne Olsen

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All Dogs Go to Heaven 2

In this animated film, Charlie Barkin is finding life in dog heaven a little dull. Even after his best pal, Itchy, arrives in town, Charlie still longs to go back to Earth. When Charlie's old nemesis, Carface, steals the horn used by the archangel Gabriel, Charlie and Itchy quickly volunteer to retrieve it. Back on the planet, while scrambling to outwit Carface and get the horn, Charlie meets an alluring pooch named Anabelle .

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