Sueños de Juventud

Release Date:
Aug 15, 1935
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
George Stevens
Katharine Hepburn Alice Adams
Fred MacMurray Arthur Russell
Fred Stone Virgil Adams
Evelyn Venable Mildred ``Georgette'' Palmer
Frank Albertson Walter Adams
Ann Shoemaker Mrs. Adams
Charley Grapewin J. A. Dawling
Grady Sutton Frank Dowling
Hedda Hopper Mrs. Palmer
Jonathan Hale Mr. Palmer
Hattie McDaniels Melana Burns
Janet McLeod Henriette Lamb
Virginia Howell Mrs. Dowling
Zeffie Tilbury Mrs. Dresser
Ella McKenzie Ella Dowling
Pandro S. Berman

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Sueños de Juventud

Based on the award-winning novel by Booth Tarkington, this comedic drama follows a young working-class woman as she attempts, unsuccessfully, to climb the social ladder. When she meets the wealthy Arthur Russell, he is amused by her efforts to maintain an upper-crust facade, and she is thrilled when he agrees to have dinner at her family's home. Things teeter on the brink of disaster as the Adams clan frantically tries to create an evening of fine dining.

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