Alias the Doctor

Release Date:
Mar 26, 1932
Running Time:
Michael Curtiz
Richard Barthelmess Karl Brenner
Marian Marsh Lotti Brenner
Lucille La Verne Martha Brenner
Norman Foster Stephan Brenner
Adrienne Dore Anna
Oscar Apfel Keller
John St. Polis Dr. Niergardt
Wallis Clark Dr. Kleinschmidt
Claire Dodd Mrs. Beverly
George Rosener Dr. Franz von Bergman
Boris Karloff
Reginald Barlow The Professor
Arnold Lucy The Deacon
Harold Waldridge
Houston Branch

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Alias the Doctor

Karl Brenner is an orphan who gets adopted by a wealthy family and attends medical school with his brother Stephan . Karl is an excellent student, while Stephan is lazy and barely graduates. After Stephan bungles an operation that causes a patient's death, Karl takes the blame for his brother, subjecting himself to scorn and a prison term. After he gets out, he sees an unexpected opportunity to once again do the work he loves.

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