Ada - Frau mit Vergangenheit

Release Date:
Aug 25, 1961
Running Time:
Daniel Mann
Susan Hayward Ada Gillis
Dean Martin Bo Gillis
Wilfrid Hyde-White Sylvester Marin
Martin Balsam Steve Jackson
Ralph Meeker Colonel Yancey
Frank Maxwell Ronnie Hallerton
Connie Sawyer Alice Sweet
Ford Rainey Speaker
Charles Watts Al Winslow
Larry Gates Joe Adams
Robert S. Simon Warren Hatfield
Bill Zuckert Harry Davers
Mary Treen Clubwoman with Pecan Pie
Lawrence Weingarten
Arthur Sheekman, William Driskill

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Ada - Frau mit Vergangenheit

Aspiring Southern politician Bo Gillis has cause for celebration when he is elected governor of his state, thanks in large part to the efforts of his savvy campaign manager, Sylvester Marin . Bo's new wife, Ada, proves to be adept at learning the political ropes. The only problem is that she used to be a prostitute. As Ada becomes a more prominent presence in the capitol, will her secret come back to haunt her and Bo?

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