A Thousand Years of Good Prayers

Release Date:
Sep 19, 2008
Running Time:
Wayne Wang
Henry O Mr. Shi
Faye Yu Yilan
Vida Ghahremani Madame
Pavel Lychnikoff Boris
Megan Albertus Forensics Girl
Wes Deitrick Antique Owner
Angela Dierdorff Petro Maggie
Tracy Schornick Troy
Yukie Kito , Rich Cowan , Wayne Wang , Yasushi Kotani , Taizo Son
Yiyun Lee

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A Thousand Years of Good Prayers

In the wake of his wife's death, Shi leaves his native China to find his estranged daughter, Yilan, in the United States. There, Shi befriends Madam, an Arab-American mother who can relate to his feelings of isolation and culture shock. After having an awkward reunion with Yilan, Shi realizes just how far apart they've grown from each other. And though he can barely speak English, Shi decides to stay permanently, hoping to mend their broken relationship.

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