A Tale of Two Cities

Release Date:
Dec 25, 1935
Running Time:
Historical Drama
Jack Conway
Ronald Colman Sydney Carton
Elizabeth Allan Lucie Manette
Edna May Oliver Miss Pross
Blanche Yurka Madame De Farge
Reginald Owen Stryver
Basil Rathbone Marquis St. Evremonde
Henry B. Walthall Dr. Manette
Donald Woods Charles Darnay
Walter Catlett Barsad
Fritz Leiber Gaspard
H.B. Warner Gabelle
Mitchell Lewis Ernest De Farge
Claude Gillingwater Jarvis Lorry
Billy Bevan Jerry Cruncher
Isabel Jewell Seamstress
Lucille LaVerne The Vengeance
Tully Marshall Woodcutter
Fay Chaldecott


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