A Night at the Opera

Release Date:
Nov 15, 1935
Running Time:
Sam Wood
Groucho Marx Otis P. Driftwood
Harpo Marx Tomasso
Kitty Carlisle Rosa Castaldi
Chico Marx Fiorello
Margaret Dumont Mrs. Claypool
Allan Jones Ricardo Baroni
Walter Woolf King Rodolfo Lassparri
Sig Ruman Herbert Gottlieb

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A Night at the Opera

The Marx Brothers run amuck in the world of opera when Otis B. Driftwood meets aspiring singer Ricardo, who is determined to win the love of fellow performer Rosa . Aided by Fiorello and Tomasso, Otis attempts to unite the young couple, but faces opposition from the preening star Lassparri, who also has his sights on Rosa. Traveling from Italy to New York, Otis and friends rally to try and win the day.

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