A Matter of Size

Release Date:
Apr 19, 2009
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
Sharon Maymon, Erez Tadmor
Itzik Cohen Herzl
Togo Igawa Kitano
Dvir Benedek Aharon
Alon Dahan Gidi
Shmulik Cohen Sami
Irit Kaplan Zehava
Levana Finkelstein Herzl's Mother
Daniel Baur , Tami Leon , Chilik Michaeli , Avraham Pirchi
Sharon Maymon, Danny Cohen-Solal

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A Matter of Size

After losing his job at a salad bar because of his weight, Herzl, a morbidly obese Israeli, finds new employment washing dishes safely out of view from patrons in the kitchen of a Japanese restaurant. When Herzl's coworkers and new boss, Kitano, introduce him to sumo wrestling, he realizes he has found his calling. Energized, Herzl orchestrates a mutiny among the miserable ranks of a local weight-loss boot camp to recruit members for his own sumo wrestling club.

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