Un Condenado a Muerte se Escapa

Release Date:
Aug 26, 1957
Running Time:
Robert Bresson
François Leterrier Lieutenant Fontaine
Charles Le Clainche François Jost
Maurice Beerblock Blanchet
Roland Monod Le Pasteur
Jacques Ertaud Orsini
Roger Treherne Roger
Jean Paul Delhumeau Hebrard
Jean-Philippe Delamare Prisoner No, 110
Jacques Oerlemans Chief Warder
Klaus Detlef German Intelligence Officer
Alain Poiré , Jean Thuillier

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Un Condenado a Muerte se Escapa

In a film based on the writings of French Resistance fighter and POW André Devigny, Fontaine is being held by the Nazis at Fort Montluc. When he gets word that he's scheduled for execution, Fontaine channels his energy into hatching a plan to break out. His plan is interrupted when he is assigned a new roommate. Fontaine grudgingly brings the newcomer in on the escape effort, which involves homespun weapons and an intricate knowledge of the layout of the prison itself.

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