A Majority of One

Release Date:
Dec 27, 1961
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
Mervyn LeRoy
Rosalind Russell Mrs. Bertha Jacoby
Alec Guinness Koichi Asano
Ray Danton Jerome Black
Madlyn Rhue Alice Black
Mae Questel Mrs. Esther ''Essie'' Rubin

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A Majority of One

Since her beloved son was killed in World War II, Bertha Jacoby has nursed a grudge against the entire country of Japan. But when her son-in-law is offered a diplomatic position in Tokyo, he and her daughter suggest she come and live with them. On the ship, the widowed Bertha tentatively makes friends with the courtly widower Koichi Asano . As the relationship blossoms, her daughter and son-in-law deal with their own prejudices.

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