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A History of Violence

Release Date:
Sep 23, 2005
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
David Cronenberg
Viggo Mortensen Tom Stall
Maria Bello Edie Stall
William Hurt Richie Cusack
Ashton Holmes Jack Stall
Stephen McHattie Leland Jones
Peter MacNeill Sheriff Sam Carney
Ed Harris Carl Fogarty
Heidi Hayes Sarah Stall
Greg Bryk William Orser
Steve Arbuckle Jared
Sumela Kay Judy
Morgan Kelly Bobby's buddy
Connor Price Kid
Evan Rose `Hulk' Boy
Kyle Schmid Bobby Jordan
Roger Kass , Josh Braun , J.C. Spink , Chris Bender
Josh Olson
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A History of Violence

When a pair of petty criminals attempt to rob his small-town diner, Tom Stall quickly and easily kills them both. In the flush of news coverage of Tom's seemingly heroic actions, a threatening stranger named Carl Fogarty comes to town, fingering the unassuming family man as long-missing Philadelphia mobster Joey Cusack. To the horror of his wife, Edie, and teenage son, Jack, Tom finds he must confront his violent past.

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