A Feather in Her Hat

Release Date:
Oct 24, 1935
Running Time:
Alfred Santell
Pauline Lord
Basil Rathbone Captain Courtney
Louis Hayward Richard Orland
Billie Burke Julia Anders
Wendy Barrie Pauline Anders
Victor Varconi Paul Anders
Nydia Westman Emily Judson
Thurston Hall Sir Elroyd Joyce
Nana Bryant Lady Drake
J.M. Kerrigan
Lawrence Hazard

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A Feather in Her Hat

After the woman who raised him claims he's not her son, Richard searches for clues about his identity. Urged on by his mentor, Capt. Randolph Courtney, Richard focuses on Julia Trent Anders, a middle-aged actress who just might be his real mother. But soon, Richard begins to fall for Julia's stepdaughter . Amidst the upheaval, Richard schemes to return Julia to the stage -- but he's in for another big surprise.

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