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A Certain Smile

Release Date:
Jul 31, 1958
Running Time:
Jean Negulesco
Rossano Brazzi Luc Ferrand
Joan Fontaine Françoise Ferrand
Christine Carère Dominique Vallon
Bradford Dillman Bertrand Griot
Eduard Franz M. Vallon
Kathryn Givney Mme. Griot
Steven Geray Denis
Trude Wyler Mme. Denis
Sandy Livingston Catherine
Renate Hoy Mlle. Minot
Muzaffer Tema Pierre
Katherine Locke Mme. Vallon
Henry Ephron

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A Certain Smile

French university student Dominique Vallon returns home for the summer break to find her parents still mourning the accidental death of her brother. Dismayed, Dominique spends time with her boyfriend, Bertrand, who introduces her to his worldly Uncle Luc and kind Aunt Francoise . Luc flirts with Dominique, and she is soon obsessed with him and becomes his lover, hiding their affair from her family and Bertrand.

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