5 Against the House

Release Date:
Jun 10, 1955
Running Time:
Crime Drama
Phil Karlson
Guy Madison Al Mercer
Kim Novak Kay Greylek
Brian Keith Brick
Alvy Moore Roy
William Conrad Eric Berg
Kerwin Mathews Ronnie
Jean Willes Virginia
John Zaremba Robert Fenton
George Brand Jack Roper
Mark Hanna Brad Lacey
Hugh Sanders Pat Winters
Stirling Silliphant

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5 Against the House

When college buddies Ronnie and Roy are briefly detained by the Reno police in association with a casino robbery, Ronnie becomes obsessed with figuring out how to plan the perfect heist. At first it is a strictly intellectual exercise, but when the emotionally disturbed Korean War vet Brick gets involved, the friends -- including straitlaced Al and his nightclub-singer girlfriend, Kaye -- have to pull the job for real.

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