1941: Uma Guerra Muito Louca

Release Date:
Dec 14, 1979
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Steven Spielberg
John Belushi Captain Wild Bill Kelso
Dan Aykroyd Sgt. Frank Tree
Lorraine Gary Joan Douglas
Ned Beatty Ward Douglas
Treat Williams Corporal Chuck "Stretch" Sitarski
Nancy Allen Donna Stratton
Robert Stack Major General Joseph W. Stillwell
Tim Matheson Captain Loomis Birkhead
Toshirô Mifune Commander Akiro Mitamura
Christopher Lee Captain Wolfgang von Kleinschmidt
Warren Oates Colonel Madman Maddox
Bobby Di Cicco Wally Stephens
Dianne Kay Betty Douglas
Murray Hamilton Claude Crumm
Slim Pickens Hollis P. Wood
Eddie Deezen Herbie Kaziminsky
John Candy Private Foley
Buzz Feitshans , John Milius
Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale, John Milius
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1941: Uma Guerra Muito Louca

After Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor, residents of California descend into a wild panic, afraid that they might be the next target. Among them are Wild Bill Kelso, a crazed National Guard pilot; Sgt. Frank Tree, a patriotic, straight-laced tank crew commander; Ward Douglas, a civilian willing to help with the American war effort at any cost; and Maj. Gen. Joseph W. Stilwell, who tries his hardest to maintain sanity amid the chaos.

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